Kininaru Chapter 2

Ero right off the bat, not too heavy though.


Today, I’m carrying out my plan.

Suzuka will be missing from today on.

I already understood her life pattern, today’s Friday so without doubt she’ll come home. That’s why I put a love letter into her shoe box, I’ll call her to somewhere without people and make her unconscious, meaning kidnap her, I’ll move far away from the highway and into the mountain trails, and come to my house.

After school, Minase came to the appointed location. As expected she couldn’t just ignore the love letter. She could’ve just ignored a love-letter coming from an unknown sender…
I snuck behind her, and covered her mouth and nose with a drugged hankerchief. Instantly, she widened her eyes and quickly lost consciousness.
As she fell I carried her from the back.
Her soft body has a sweet fragrance like milk. I inhaled lots into my lungs while enjoying myself grabbing her large breasts.

From there I carried her on my back, then went home. Then I brought her into my room.
Right now there’s nobody living in this house other than me.

I dropped her on the bed, took off all her clothes and restraint both of her hands, put a strong and elastic rubber band on her ankles and opened her legs, then they were tied into the bed.

Then I decided to wake her up.

「U, Uun…huh? I’m, why am I nude? You are…」

In order to make her easily understand the situation, I sucked violently on her nipples on top of her big breasts and tasted it.


She brought her legs, which were tied with rubber bands, closer and shut her thighs tightly screaming.
To hold her voice down I blocked her mouth with a towel.


She tried to rise her body but I weighed down on her from above so she couldn’t move, as she stayed like that I continued sucking on her breast.
After 5 minutes of struggling she came to realize that she couldn’t run and soon gave up on trying to escape.
After enjoying her breast to my heart’s content I separated my face. Suzuka absentmindedly looked her own nipple wet with saliva.

It’s not interesting if there’s no reaction.
I licked her breast and her nape while using my fingers to tease her genital.
As I touched her clitoris she shut her thighs, but the rubber bands at her ankles kept opening her legs. Her legs gradually became tired, at that critical moment I thrust my hand in between her thighs and violently rubbed her crevice.

「Nnnnuu !  Nguuuuuuuu ! 」

Suzuka under the towel’s restraint so she could only mumble her screams.
The stimulation was too strong she flapped her legs trying to escape, but I held her thighs with my own legs, she couldn’t shut her legs so I continued to relentlessly attack her.

Then Suzuka’s genital started to create *nucha nucha* sounds. Sometimes, she shook and pushed the top of the crotch out. It was awfully indecent, I became even more lascivious and fastened my hand’s movement.
Then she was wet with love nectar, while the *gucha gucha* sounds resound, Suzuka’s body made a big jump and convulsed.

As I removed my hand from the clitoris she took a breath of relief. Her face was red with shame and pleasures, but she’s probably just relieved because the violent tormenting came to an end.

She doesn’t know what’s going to happen to her from now on

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