Kininaru Chapter 1

This is a new series. I’m picking this up because it’s actually pretty short, I can catch up with the author without interfering with Grassland. Enjoy!


Recently there’s a person I’m interested in.
Minase Suzuka of the neighboring class.
She’s kind to everyone, she also proactively comes to help people.
In addition she’s also a beauty, her breasts are large so she usually is the hot topic among the guys.
The impressions people get from her are pure, lovely, and transient.

She gives off the impression of an easy to understand girl, but I couldn’t feel humanity from her. It’s like she’s acting out a job given to her.
Is it because of my growth that I noticed that I wonder.


That’s how she’s called among the boys.
That’s why I can’t help but being bothered.

How would she react if she gets violated, will she become enraged, or will she keep on crying over and over again.

I want to see it, her true face

12 thoughts on “Kininaru Chapter 1

  1. And kids… this is how I met your mother.

    But seriously, hope you could tell us if this is just rape or will turn to love story. I’ll read this regardless but I just want to fix my expectations

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