Last story • Hunting and having sex is⋯

Final chapter, it was a fun ride, I’ll miss Arc……at least until his next series is out.

I, who became a wealthy man with an asset of 3 billion yen, has become a genius investor in the real world as reality had been changed.

My mom complained that, though we’re the most wealthy household in Japan we’re still living in this tiny house, so we moved to a prestigious residential area in Yamanote, where there are a lot of lands, with the appearance of a butler.

I didn’t say that going to school is meaningless, but right now I’m the most wealthy person in Japan, it’d be awkward to go to college now, so I canceled the entrance test.
Rather, those schools are running thanks to my funds.
(TN: URGHHH so irritating, I know what it means but I can’t word it properly)

Then it seemed that my parents wanted to have grandchildren as they frequently recommended many good-looking marriage proposals, but I declined them all.

I do have people I want to live together after all.

That said, I went into the game to bring the girls out.




Since this will change people lives, I talked to each and every one of them seriously without doing anything erotic.

That said, most of the girls were swayed by my invitation to live in a world where there’s no monster and live the life they valued.

But, Remi-chan is an only child of the family, she has to succeed her farmer family so she quickly refused my offer.

Same thing to Primula since she needs to handle her work as the G-rank receptionist lady, so she stayed behind at Bijo Olde.

I promised to come see them again, then didn’t forcibly persuade them any further.

Kashi-chan costs 5 million and Yuki-chan costs 1 million gold to redeem, but I easily paid and released both of them.

Then I took the girls out to real world and introduced them to my mom.

My mom was shocked that her son was suddenly surrounded by multiple women, but she consented willingly as she wants to have grandchildren.

With all that said, I sheltered a total of 7 beauties including Kashima-chan, Freya-chan, Rachel-chan, Anri-chan, Yuki-chan, Fina-chan, and Akane, with me.

For formalities, a legal wife is needed, but I love everyone equally, so we played Rock Paper Scissors to solve the problem, in the end Kashima-chan is my legal wife.

Everyone was a little bewildered in a different world, but they gradually got used to it.
The most unexpected thing is that, the first person to adapt to this new life is Yuki-chan, she can use home electronics and cellphone, she’s the first one to master those things.




After that……。

I went to Ayakidou and bought 3PS together with Dorahun Online for all 7 of them so that we can go back into the game and have fun together.

My party today consists of me and Akane, Kashima-chan, and Rachel-chan.

「I’ll cut a lot of tails~♥」

Kashima-chan said so while making a pose with her long sword.

「I aim to inflict ‘stun’ right?」

Rachel-chan said so while showing off the hammer on her shoulder.

「I’ll try my bests jumping on the target!」

Said Akane rousing herself up.

I gathered everyone, and after we’re done hunting, I called Remi-chan and Primula and proposed a 6P play until morning.

Everyone’s eyes were sparkling with wonders.

「In any case……」

I carried the heavy gun again.

「Having sex after hunting……is just the best!」

Hearing that, everyone laughed.

28 thoughts on “Last story • Hunting and having sex is⋯

    • Most people whom are rich have their money in assets rather than ‘currency’. So him having 30 million in the bank, uninvested can make him seem as the richest man in Japan. Then if you add investment on top of that, you will find out that he is far richer than that when he can support universities. School institutes is not cheap to keep up after all.

      I mean, no rich person have 30 million casually resting in their bank account. They generally place it in funds or savings that can be sold when needed since this is the way to avoid over-taxing from the governments. Almost all countries have laws to tax such savings heavily for the sake of forcing rich people to invest rather than accumulate.

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  1. Sup. Its been a blast reading your translated project. Thanks a lot. Worth reading, though the grammar was a bit messy at times.

    Really, thanks for this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Man, this autor really know what hi is doing, Living as i please also was a great novel, sad that both came to an end, thank you for translating it it was a fun ride


  3. Thanks for the read, Nymphriel. Was reading on RtD, then transitioned to here when the chapters ran out; really, they’re editted just fine here, no idea why you kept saying they were uneditted and thus NG compared to the editted releases. o.O

    “Rather, those schools are running thanks to my funds. (TN: URGHHH so irritating, I know what it means but I can’t word it properly)”
    No, that’s worded properly. To clarify a little more you might write it as something like, “Rather, those schools are able to keep operating thanks to my investing in them.”, but that’s just really drawing out the meaning when your sentence more than suffices to get that point across.


  4. found this on MachineSlicedBread, I underestimated the value of completed short series~ Man it’s a series here I should turn my brain off the whole time, and just enjoy the ride. It ended up quite fun 🙂


  5. I was waiting from early on for him to bring a girl out or to take one in with him from school or something. Or maybe bring out a pet dragon. This was a very cute story. This story also shows how a well managed red light district kept a story from having to go all rapey just to have some really great sex in it. Reality should take some fucking notes! ROTFLMAO

    Great job. So glad I found at least one story here that goes from start to finish. I will have to check out some of the others too.

    Thanks Nymph!


  6. Is it weird that after i finished, i feel this whole series as an heartwarming one?
    Great thanks to Nymph-sama, may someday our reality will bend to our will~


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