Hookers at Saisho Village

Double release, 5 chapters left in the series.

After rising to G-rank and embracing Primula, I went back to reality for a moment to confirm the configuration of some skills that can be used even in early G-rank, then went back into the game.

Though I could make my enhanced equipment into accessories in Dorahun Online, I don’t intend to get too into Dorahun Online, so I’ll go on some quests to obtain simple accessories.

Of course, during my time doing quests I still stop by the brothels, the moment Fina-chan is off duty I came and spoiled her lots, and if I feel like it I’ll call Primula and make her ahegao many, many times during orgasms.

Recently, whenever I go to the brothels Primula scornfully glared at me while doing her reception business, but I didn’t pay it any particular mind.

Then once my G-rank equipment is completed, my questing business at Bijo Olde came to an end, but of course I still come to embrace Fina-chan and Primula from time to time.

In conclusion, my top priority right now would be to show off my G-rank equipment to the Hookers, with that in mind I went to Saisho Village.
(TN: First village sounds a little weird, so I’ll leave the romaji there)

Sasho Village is the starting town of Dorahun Series and it’s also 「Dragon Hunter」Offline’s base village, it’s an extremely nostalgic place for players who have been playing since the beginning of the series.

As usual I asked an ero-looking youth in the village about the streets where the Hookers are, then I openly went to buy a woman during broad daylight.

When I entered that street, I wore low-level equipment, really weak-looking female hunters were killing time leaning against trees, but when I showed signs of looking for a specific girl they started bustling and gathered.

「Onii-san、I’ve never seen those equipment before、what are they?」

「Ah、this? It’s Elena equipment、they’re from Bijo Olde」

「He~……equipment from there huh……do they have skills attached?」

Because one of the women asked, I told her what I remembered about the skill configuration.

「Lessee、Bargain+5、Sharp-shooting、Offense UP【Great】、Power-shot+3、Flame-strength+2、Recoil Reduction+2、Flash+1、Penetration Gem・Penetration Arrow Power UP、Fast-eating、Defense……that’s all」
(TN: Not sure about “that’s all”)

When I told them my skills, the girls got noisy.


「Why’s the number on that skill so big!?」

「There are even skills I’ve never heard of!? The heck are Power-shot and Flash!?」

「Ah……you never heard? they’re G-rank skills so……」

Hearing me said so, the girls got even noisier.


「That’s lie right!? How much is your Defense!?」

「Hmm……around 1400 I think、if I put the claw amulet on it would rise a bit more」

In Dorahun Cross, powerful swordsmen only got 600 Defense, and gunners only got 300 at max.

The girls’ eyes had fear and anticipation mixed in.

「U、Umm……onii-san is here to……buy women right?」

「That’s one reason、I went all the way here so I’ll also look for a hunting partner……」

「W、We can’t handle G-rank quests!?」

「There isn’t any G-rank quests at the moment、I thought there already are people helping with the work of the Dragon Institute but……」

The girls obviously flinched.
Let’s see, there wasn’t any strong hunter, no beauties that caught my interests either……I thought that while looking around, then I noticed a blond short-haired girl with a greatsword fearfully looking at the situation here from the shade of a tree.

That girl looks like she belongs to first-class category among these Hookers with Swan Dragon equipment on her, but that became trivial before her huge breasts, her facial features were timid too, she’s the kind that attracts men.

With just one glance I understood that these boobs are two sizes bigger than Anri-chan, it’s probably over 100 cm.

「……is that blond girl skilled?」

「Eh? A、Ah、Akane-chan? She’s skilled、but she’s so timid、that’s why she couldn’t go to the top」
(Tn: Not to sure about this)


I briskly approached that girl Akane.

She seemed to run away, but I gently held her hand back, then asked about the price.

「Oi、how much is one night with you?」

「M、Me!? U、Umm……I do take one whole night、it’s 6000 gold but……u、umm、rather than me、other people are……」

I was a little confused when she used “boku” as a girl, but I kept asking.

「Nope、I’m buying you。
After embracing you、show me your skills the next day。
Low level Teacher Rooster would be OK right?」

「U、Umm……Teacher Rooster then……I think it’ll be fine……」

「OK、are we doing it at my house? Or do you want some kind of inn?」

「U、Umm……we always do it in an inn……so……umm……please take care of me」

「Got it、an inn it is」

Thus I bought that hooker Akane in broad daylight and took her to an inn.

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