Reality Change

Interesting chapter, very interesting.

That same afternoon, I continued my life of hunting Kusokong and doing women.

I also come play with Fina-chan ‘in private’ several times, unlike the silliness in the theatre, in private she acts spoiled and likes to be tormented.
(TN: Basically a spoiled M)

I also like that side of her, so I fuck her to my heart’s content.

Since the strip-club 「Olde Theatre」 has a lot of regular customers, I didn’t get to seat in the front row all the time, and since last time I haven’t been able to win the Chopping-board show.

Since Bijo Olde is where a lot of hunters gather, the brothels focus on the rotation of the girls, they just concentrate on making the customer cum, it pretty much turned into a bad experience.

I couldn’t agree with that way of doing things because the girls also want to feel good, so after building up my mood at the Strip-show I go back to Elna Village and other villages to do Kashima-chan, Freya-chan, Rachel-chan, Remi-chan, Anri-chan and Yuki-chan.
(TN: geezus krist……this is his whole harem)

With that my hunting business and woman affairs are fulfilled, but there’s still one thing that bothers me.

Today I passed by Primula and her face became cramped, I subjugated the Kusokong and went pass HR500, I came to receive the Olde Ticket・Sakura but……。

I tried to sell the tickets on my hand as an experiment, and my money reached its limit.

Normally in Dorahun Online, you can have infinite gold, but I’m different, I haven’t used money in any other than sex, except for my cashed weapon protective gear.
By the way, money and rare materials were used in enhancement of my protective gears.

The max limit of gold possessed is 9,999,999 gold but if I sell all the Olde Tickets to reach that max value, I still have room to stock up more tickets.
(TN: This is like gold IRL, aside from the bills they stock gold)

I was troubled of what should I spend money on then I suddenly got an idea.

If I can bring Items back to the real world, then I should be able to bring gold back right?

As an experiment, I tried bringing 6 million gold, which is equivalent to 60 million yen, and returned to the real world after a long time.

I returned to the real world and looked around my surrounding, but there were no bank notes lying around.

I had a bitter smile that said ‘not working as expected’, that day I just went to sleep.


Next morning……。

It’s been a while since I had breakfast in real life, but my mom made a weird suggestion.

「Hey, you, I understand that you have composure because you received an A, but shouldn’t you enroll in around two more schools just in case?」

「It costs money you know」

「It’s fine、I’m paying the fees with your savings so it’s okay」


What a ridiculous thing to say.
The private test charge and entrance fee are a huge sum.
Even if I quit university the entrance money won’t be returned, I’ll go bankrupt with that.

But my mom continued to speak without minding it.

「You have 60 million yen in your saving account anyway、shouldn’t you use it to pay for school? That’s enough for 2 schools……」

「Wa、Wait a minute、my account have how much?」

「I said、there’s 60 million yen in your account、just a little of that is enough for entrance fee……」

「……somehow、this morning I woke up my head’s not working……can I see my bankbook?」

Then my mom was irritated but she brought me my bankbook.
I opened it, and there’s more than 60 million yen recorded in there.

「……I think I’m getting senile……why is there so much in my balance?」

「What are you saying。
Didn’t your great-uncle left behind your share of inheritance to pay for school expenses before he died?」

My great uncle is indeed a pretty rich person with his small trading company, a small part of his inheritance should be here with me, a majority went to his son, and the rest should’ve been donated.

……is reality changing……?

「You too, if you have this much then give your parents some」

「Y、Yeah、I’ll think about it……」

「I’m joking、make good use of your money」

I went to school today and decided to head to Ayakidou to hear about this.


「Is it inconvenience? It’s all good isn’t it」

The owner of Ayakidou said so nonchalantly.

「But……a game that changes reality……it feels kinda scary……」

「Fumu、then let me ask you、what’s reality?」


For me, I’ve been inside the game a lot recently, I feel like the boundary between the game and real world is uncertain.

「Reality is no more than the recognition between people……if you keep worrying about things you’re uncertain about, wouldn’t you get worn out?」

「……please tell me one thing、even if I bring stuff into real world from the game、reality shouldn’t collapse right?」

「Reality this reality that、just soften your thoughts、you don’t need to worry about every single uncertain thing」


「Well、if you feel insecured then come ask me again。
But yeah、it’s fine to just think about having fun and enjoy it」


There are still things I’m not convinced about, but in the end, I decided to go into the game and have fun.

The bottom line is that, as expected it’s pleasant to go embrace a woman.

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