Bijo Olde’s flower, Primula ★ (Seaweed Sake)

Double release again, 7 chaps left in this series.

Decided to just have fun, I successfully raised my Hunter Rank and Skill Rank to 999.

Of course, I do have sex during break time, I embraced women hundreds of times so my skill in this subject also went up.

I gloriously walked towards where Primula is, and took the test to rise to G-rank.

「……that promise、you haven’t forgotten right?」

「……I do remember……」

「Hehe、then see ya later」

Then to rise to G-rank, I went to fight the Jankuen.


Jankuen is a monster that has the same design with the Chinese dragon, hunters will have to fight it while riding an airship.

But well, I have the enhanced cashed protector, then because I played solo in Dorahun Cross with Bushido-style I can evade attacks, my offensive ability 「Gunpower Laying」 is also enhanced.
In addition to that, since I can also use Dorahun Online’s secret technique 「Compressed Destruction」, the Jankuen flinched in a funny-looking way, thus I successfully and beautifully defeated the monster.


I go back to the plaza of Bijo Olde, after finishing various tasks at the Guild Master, I became a G-rank hunter.

While being observed by other receptionists, I spoke to Primula.

「Yo、I became G-rank」


「Tonight、come to my house、I’ll be waiting」
(TN: Hahahaha he uses katakana for ‘my house’ and it sounds funny AF)

「……I get it already……」

I went back to my house with an euphoric mood, and started preparations for tonight.


That night……。

I arranged candles here and there, then the mood was escalated as Primula came to my house.

「……Ara、you have surprisingly good taste」

「Royal cheese and Bless wine are all prepared、want a drink?」

「……then excuse me」

「Oops、before that……」

I hugged Primula tight, stole her lips, and entwined our tongues to my heart’s content.


「……there’s no resistance huh?」

「I watched over many of your work……you took down a lot of monsters、you’re the hunter who have made significant contribution to Bijo Olde、I’m not going to reject you now……」

Ah, so that’s how it is.
I just single-mindedly hunted Kusokong to rise to G-rank after all.
It’s clear now, in Primula’s eyes I’m a heroic figure with long history of military service.

「……I’ll take your clothes off」


I took off the defenseless Primula’s green and white dress, and picked up her panties.

Primula’s boobs were small, but on top of her breasts were cute small pink nipples.
Her pubic hair was extremely thin, the pink pubes were so thin I couldn’t really see it.

The moment I saw that, I thought this is really good.

「Sit on the bed、and close your thighs」

「……? Okay but、what are you doing?」

Doing as I told, Primula seiza on the bed and shut her thighs tightly.

I picked up a cup of Bless wine, then poured it into her V-shaped zone.

「Wai……! Wh、What are you doing!」

「Close your thighs……the wine’s going to spill」

I buried my face into Primula’s crotch, her pubic hair fluttered in the wine, I slurpped the wine.
This is not seaweed sake, it’s seaweed wine.

「Nn! Nnn!!」

While drinking the wine I took the opportunity to lick her pussy, Primula sensitively reacted.

「Let’s begin……I’ll lick you like this」

I opened Primula’s thighs, and started my cunnilingus.

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