Strip-show 「Olde Theatre」 ★ (Chopping-board Show)

Double release.

Coming onto the stage I stood in the middle, my equipment and lower-half inner clothing was quickly removed by Fina-chan.

While looking at the dirty dance earlier, my 20 cm cannon has already gone full erect, the customers below went “oooh”.

I understand their feelings.

A man unconditionally holds feeling of worship towards a big cock.

「Huuge♥ Then、I’ll taste it a little okay」

Fina-chan knelt in front of my daunting meat stick and put it in her mouth.


Fina-chan’s fellatio wasn’t the kind that seriously make you cum, but she matches her lips movement with the music, it was a simple method.

「Puwah、it’s already hard、so we won’t need more fellatio to make it rise、now、please lie down here with your face up okay ?」

As told by Fina-chan, I lied down at the middle of the stage facing up like I was sleeping, Fina-chan then straddled me in 69 style.

「Cum strongly! Niichan!」

A customer mocked me.

Fina-chan already had my meat stick in her mouth, it wasn’t the same earlier fellatio, while picking up the rhythm with the music she stickily pestered me.


I don’t know about when I was a virgin, but now I’m a man that has done lots of women already, this degree of fellatio can’t get me to cum so easily.

When I started playing with her pussy, we both began to slowly take our time on the stage.
(TN: Definitely needs Editor-sama)
But somehow, to look at Fina-chan’s pussy, the customers gathered around the stage area.

But that’s that, I stimulated her with my techniques to my heart’s content, I stuck to Fina-chan’s pussy, inserted 2 fingers and dug into her G-spot.

「Nnn! Nmuu!!」

Fina-chan’s back twitched, her rhythmic fellatio was disrupted.
Well then, I’ll fully torture you.

I rolled Fina-chan’s clitoris around with my tongue, pecked at her G-spot, and massaged her boob with my free hand.

「Nnn! Aa、no! Cumming!! Nnn~~~~~n!!!!」

Fina-chan stiffened her legs and lifted her lower body as she reached climax, I removed my fingers from her pussy making a sound.


Having my fingers suddenly removed, Fina-chan stuck out her hips and blew a tide.

「She came! She just came!!」

The customers started to applaud.
Fina-chan leaned onto my body and caught her breath, then she kissed my meat stick.

「Haa haa……it’s been a while that a customer makes me cum……this time I’ll make you cum♥」

Saying so Fina-chan changed her position into a cowgirl, my meat stick was swallowed by a meat jar.

Fina-chan wiggles her upper body moodily while shaking her hips and torture me.
On the round stage, we banged our hips into each other.

Fina-chan’s insides were tight as expected of a dancer, she tightened strongly on me, but I also have the willpower of men, and we’re before the eyes of people, I can’t afford to be finished too early.
(TN: I swear to god WTF does being a dancer have anything to do with tight vagina?)

Then with both of us not giving in, we reached our limits.

「Aaa! No! Cumming again!! Cumming!! ~~~~~~~♥」

「……Me too……cumming……!」

Fina-chan clamped down on me tightly, so I released a massive amount.

Obscene mixed fluids flowed out from our crotch, the audience resounded.

「You’re good! Niichan!」

Fina-chan while panting roughly, whispered into my ears that only I could hear.

「Haa……haa……customer-san、do you want to do it……in private? This、is my address and schedule……」

Before I knew it, she secretly shoved a business card into my hand.

「……is this ok?」

「Because……customer-san is so amazing♥」

After that, as if nothing happened, Fina-chan wiped her body and put my equipment back on me.

As I descended the stage, applauses were directed at me.

(……Hn~……‘free pussy get’ was nice、but I wasn’t satisfied……let’s go to the nearby brothels then)

I left the theatre and went to a brothel.

Bijo Olde’s Red-light district have window shop brothels, so checking out the girls first was possible.
(TN: That’s Amsterdam for ya)
It’s good that I can call a specific girl, but they focus too much on rotation of the girls, it’s not possible to buy a whole night like in the Red-light district of Dorahun Cross.
(TN: He’s in Dorahun Online at the moment)

I tried to buy good-looking girls 3 hours for 5000 gold, they looked good but the service was careless and it didn’t feel that good, for that reason I used the blimp to go to Elna Village’s Red-light district and picked Kashima-chan, it felt great, I ejaculated many times and called it a day.

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  1. “(TN: I swear to god WTF does being a dancer have anything to do with tight vagina?)”

    Dancers are by nature very lean, as is commonly known, but that leanness doesn’t mean that their muscles are weak, either. Dancing requires very strong but not bulky muscles, what is commonly known as “pink” muscle; that is, type IIa muscle fiber. Type I (red) muscle fibers are slow and low power but high endurance, type IIb (white) muscle fibers are fast and high power but low endurance, and type IIa (pink) muscle fibers, as you’ve guessed by now, have a combination of the two traits, being fast and high power with high endurance. By developing their bodies to have high volumes of ‘pink’ muscle (much as martial artists do) they can be both slim and fit, while also able to flex their muscles strongly. This includes exercising the muscles of the pelvic floor, which includes the muscles of the vagina, thus strengthening them and causing them to, well, tighten up. Pelvic floor exercises, commonly known as kegels, are done for a variety of actual therapeutic reasons, such as regarding urinary incontinence, but tightening the vaginal canal is another, rather more common reason for doing them.

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