Strip-show 「Olde Theatre」 ★ (Chopping-board Show)

Double release.

Coming onto the stage I stood in the middle, my equipment and lower-half inner clothing was quickly removed by Fina-chan.

While looking at the dirty dance earlier, my 20 cm cannon has already gone full erect, the customers below went “oooh”.

I understand their feelings.

A man unconditionally holds feeling of worship towards a big cock.

「Huuge♥ Then、I’ll taste it a little okay」

Fina-chan knelt in front of my daunting meat stick and put it in her mouth.


Fina-chan’s fellatio wasn’t the kind that seriously make you cum, but she matches her lips movement with the music, it was a simple method.

「Puwah、it’s already hard、so we won’t need more fellatio to make it rise、now、please lie down here with your face up okay ?」

As told by Fina-chan, I lied down at the middle of the stage facing up like I was sleeping, Fina-chan then straddled me in 69 style.

「Cum strongly! Niichan!」

A customer mocked me.

Fina-chan already had my meat stick in her mouth, it wasn’t the same earlier fellatio, while picking up the rhythm with the music she stickily pestered me.


I don’t know about when I was a virgin, but now I’m a man that has done lots of women already, this degree of fellatio can’t get me to cum so easily.

When I started playing with her pussy, we both began to slowly take our time on the stage.
(TN: Definitely needs Editor-sama)
But somehow, to look at Fina-chan’s pussy, the customers gathered around the stage area.

But that’s that, I stimulated her with my techniques to my heart’s content, I stuck to Fina-chan’s pussy, inserted 2 fingers and dug into her G-spot.

「Nnn! Nmuu!!」

Fina-chan’s back twitched, her rhythmic fellatio was disrupted.
Well then, I’ll fully torture you.

I rolled Fina-chan’s clitoris around with my tongue, pecked at her G-spot, and massaged her boob with my free hand.

「Nnn! Aa、no! Cumming!! Nnn~~~~~n!!!!」

Fina-chan stiffened her legs and lifted her lower body as she reached climax, I removed my fingers from her pussy making a sound.


Having my fingers suddenly removed, Fina-chan stuck out her hips and blew a tide.

「She came! She just came!!」

The customers started to applaud.
Fina-chan leaned onto my body and caught her breath, then she kissed my meat stick.

「Haa haa……it’s been a while that a customer makes me cum……this time I’ll make you cum♥」

Saying so Fina-chan changed her position into a cowgirl, my meat stick was swallowed by a meat jar.

Fina-chan wiggles her upper body moodily while shaking her hips and torture me.
On the round stage, we banged our hips into each other.

Fina-chan’s insides were tight as expected of a dancer, she tightened strongly on me, but I also have the willpower of men, and we’re before the eyes of people, I can’t afford to be finished too early.
(TN: I swear to god WTF does being a dancer have anything to do with tight vagina?)

Then with both of us not giving in, we reached our limits.

「Aaa! No! Cumming again!! Cumming!! ~~~~~~~♥」

「……Me too……cumming……!」

Fina-chan clamped down on me tightly, so I released a massive amount.

Obscene mixed fluids flowed out from our crotch, the audience resounded.

「You’re good! Niichan!」

Fina-chan while panting roughly, whispered into my ears that only I could hear.

「Haa……haa……customer-san、do you want to do it……in private? This、is my address and schedule……」

Before I knew it, she secretly shoved a business card into my hand.

「……is this ok?」

「Because……customer-san is so amazing♥」

After that, as if nothing happened, Fina-chan wiped her body and put my equipment back on me.

As I descended the stage, applauses were directed at me.

(……Hn~……‘free pussy get’ was nice、but I wasn’t satisfied……let’s go to the nearby brothels then)

I left the theatre and went to a brothel.

Bijo Olde’s Red-light district have window shop brothels, so checking out the girls first was possible.
(TN: That’s Amsterdam for ya)
It’s good that I can call a specific girl, but they focus too much on rotation of the girls, it’s not possible to buy a whole night like in the Red-light district of Dorahun Cross.
(TN: He’s in Dorahun Online at the moment)

I tried to buy good-looking girls 3 hours for 5000 gold, they looked good but the service was careless and it didn’t feel that good, for that reason I used the blimp to go to Elna Village’s Red-light district and picked Kashima-chan, it felt great, I ejaculated many times and called it a day.

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