Sushi Harem

This is a One-Shot by the same author of “Living As I Please” and “Frequenting Brothels”.

There’s only one chapter as it is not a series.

Now this is really weird, I mean it, be very careful while reading…

Men who is a virgin for 30 years would turn into a Mage is a popular joke on the internet.

Me, Sushio Aisuke also have not come across my special half, I protected my virginity for 30 years, but somehow I became able to use a special ability.

When one talks about abilities, there usually are recovery magic, offensive magic, or support magic like in an RPG, but I got none of that.

Today after sluggishly returned from work, I bought a slightly expensive pack of sushi from a supermarket after an interval of 10 days, I went into the soundproof audio room my parents made as a hobby when they were still alive and strictly locked the door, I trembled in excitement while unpacking the sushi, I picked up a fin meat.

(TN: Engawa = fin meat)

I said so, and smoke *poof* from my hand, a  neatly-looking black-haired beautiful woman appeared on the table.

「It’s already 10 days、Aisuke-san♪ I was chosen first again right?」

「Yeah、I decided to eat sushi starting from fin meat」
(TN: Again, Engawa = Fin meat)

「I’m happy……♥」

The beautiful girl smiled really joyfully.

Yup, my ability is to personify sushi.

But it’s good no matter how you look at it, I flipped the skirt of Engawa-chan, then played with her nether region, where without a panties, to make sure, and took out my superb article to pierce Engawa-chan.

「Ah! Aah♥」

「Uu……Engawa-chan’s pussy with a lot of folds、it feels really good like always!」

「Aa、Aa、I、I also、feel really good♥」

After a while of pistoning, I ejaculated inside Engawa-chan.

「Aa……I came……that felt great……」

「Haa……haa……m、me too……♥ Then、I’ll go back、have a delicious meal okay?」

When Engawa-chan said so, the smoke rose again, on the table the piece of engawa sticky with my first squeeze lied there.

I took the engawa sticky with semen in my hand, put it in a small dish of soy sauce then threw it in my mouth.

Though it’s my semen, if I think that it was her love juice from earlier then the unpleasant feelings aren’t there.

The grassy-smell of semen, and the deliciousness from fat, they were linked together by soy sauce and created a perfect harmony in my mouth.

With my dick still fully erect, I personified sushi material in turn.

「Aaa! Ika-chan’s smooth and tight pussy、it feels great!」
(TN: Ika = squid)

「Aji-chan’s pussy、it’s freshly good!」
(TN: Aji = japanese horse mackerel)

「Aaa! Anago-chan、your insides are slippery! So slimy it’s good!」
(TN: Anago = a kind of eel)

「Amazing! Salmon-chan、it’s great riding your fat pussy!」
(TN: Fishes stack up fat for winter, that’s what he meant since it’s Salmon-chan)

「Aaa! Chuutoro-chan’s celebrity pussy、I’ll get addicted to this!」
(TN: Chuutoro = middle-sized tuna)

「Feels like I’ll impregnate Ikura-chan with this tender pussy!」
(TN: Ikura = salted salmon roe)

I personified the sushi in succession, came inside them, then ate the semen covered sushi.

Then, for the last one, I picked up my most favorite food in my hand.

After the smoke cleared up, a brown haired beauty in black dress appeared, she looks like a Queen.

「I’m also the last one today?」

「Yeah、Uni-chan、show me your pussy……」
(TN: Uni = sea urchin)

「Fufu……okay、I don’t need any foreplay so just thrust it into me okay~」

Saying so Uni-chan lifted her dress and poked her ass out towards me, showing her dripping wet, syrupy pussy.

Without holding back, I thrust my dick into her, then piston violently.

「Nn! Aaa! It、it feels good!」

「Uni-chan sticky pussy、it makes me feel like climbing to heavens!!」

「Nn! Nn! P、Please poke me more!」

After connecting with each other violently, both of us reached our limits.

「Uuu!! I’m cumming inside Uni-chan’s luxurious pussy!!」

「Aaa!! M、Me too……cumming~~~~~~!!」

I immersed in the afterglow of cumming a massive load, I pulled my dick out of Uni-chan and she fixed her clothes.

「Well then、if I don’t taste good anymore then please excuse me okay?」
(TN: She’s talking about when she turns back into a piece of sushi)

「Of course」

Then the smoke appeared, she returned to be a sea urchin sushi roll so I covered it in soy sauce, then brought it to my mouth and enjoyed the delicious taste of the melting sea urchin and semen.

This is my secret hobby.


26 thoughts on “Sushi Harem

  1. Yeah, it really is weird, but well, that’s coming from someone else but if it’s you in there personally, then I dunno, haha~ XD!


  2. *came inside*
    *grill turns back into sushi*
    *dips sushi in soy sauce*
    *eats sushi*

    AHAHAHAHAHA. nope. fuck sake.


  3. Awww…i was hoping for an ending of a news report saying police found a naked man dead in his soundproof room surrounded by half eaten sushi or something… xD

    Liked by 2 people

    • You actually got off I mean damn this was a turn off I thought it would be a real story but it was just a funny fucked up oneshot with no real plot I mean it would be nice to read about when he first got his power which is what I was expecting


  4. i think the mc actually suffered severed delusion. he’s just masturbating and came on his freshly bought sushi and eating it. he’s actually ‘eating’ his semen, in short eating his own ‘childen’. sheesh… that’s just weird on another level

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Well, at least they have a reason to smell like fish….

    I would ‘eat’ them (out) before I fill them with my cream, but I would not EAT them after.

    would that work on any food? I could see a world of possibilities there….

    Would that work on any raw fish? Thinking of how beautiful a lot of the aquarium fish look…. 🙂 OHHHH what would you get from an angel fish??? I would have to open a tropical fish store!!! Hmmmmmm would the fish have to be dead? OH OH OH… make that a side my side Tropical fish store and Hotel by the hour/Brothel. Hmmm if the fish did not need to be dead then you would need to keep them moist or wet… I could see a lot of pool/hot tub sex….

    Man.. I’m putting way to much thought into this… ROTFLMAO!


  6. Ack!!!! Aaaah. .. .. . .. I think… ..I’m on the wrong side of the internet again.
    But then again someone on earth would actually really do *cough* taste or eat their own seamen *cough*, i.e. a hoomam on a forum where my friend handles *cough cough*.


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