Aiming for G-rank

New chapter, short one actually.

Currently, Dorahun Online has become a balanced game where you won’t have much trouble rising to G-rank.
But even with that being said, you need to raise your Hunter Rank to 999 in order to go to G-rank, also your skill rank too, must be 999.
If you did some serious calculating this would take a lot of time, but I want this to be quick so I already purchased Premium Course and Hunter Support Course.
With this, my rank points received after clearing quests would increase by 3 times the original amount.

In Dorahun Cross, the highest rank before HR-limit-release is HR7, but in Dorahun Online’s case, the HR is separate from the other one so I’m only at HR1 right now.

That said, it seems like a long way to G-rank, but there’s a really good quest for HR and money raising.

For the time being I went ahead and killed the low-level Teacher Rooster many times to quickly rise to HR31.
(TN: ティーチャー・コック → that’s the name of this thing, I give up)

Now, the purpose of buying the Premium Course kicks in.

With the Premium Course, I can receive Premium Quests and receive tons of hunter points as a special privilege.

First, I went to the Red-light district and had fun with Freya-chan and Rachel-chan, then I went to challenge the Premium Quests with a refreshed mood.

My opponent for the Premium Quest is Kusokong.
(TN: It’s a Damn Kong lololol)

This monkey, it can attack with Fart-strike, Poop-jump, and Bad-breath, the worst monkey ever, you will not want to meet it in real life, but its attack pattern is simple so hunting it was easy.

Then, I spent 3000 yen more for the Hunter Support Course, so I got a special privilege to hire a 「Legend Hunter」 to accompany me doing quests.

These Legend Hunters are an eccentric bunch so they aren’t the subjects of persuasion, but they’re all powerful idiots it made hunting a lot easier.

Since I’m a gunner, I took the twin-sword legend hunter 「Plum」 with me.

This person 「Plum」’s personality is、politely saying 「Natural Airhead」、impolitely saying 「Idiot」、but he’s godly strong.

So hunting Kusokong was very easy, and my hunter rank steadily rose.

Then, the good part of this Premium Quest isn’t only just that.

Clearing this Premium Quests give you 「Olde Ticket・Sakura」 depends on how many times you cleared the quest, these tickets are raw materials but it would sell for 50,000 gold/ticket if you put it on sale instead of using it as a material.

With that in mind, I’ll go do a woman every 3 times clearing this quest, and I’ll keep up that pace to raise my hunter rank while earning money.

Then when I got to HR200, I got tired of simple work.

As expected, not one moment has passed in real life, so there was no meaning in keep doing the same thing again and again.

As expected, I should do something new.

I made a new decision in my heart, to challenge a new kind of sex service, I head towards the side path of the beauty salon where the Strip Show is.

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