Delivery Health 「Setsugetsuka」 Part 5 ★ (W-paizuri, Pillow talk)

Double release today! hahahaha… okay.

I was invited to lay my hip on their knees facing up.
I was in the position just right for the two of them to line up their eyesight with my towering penis.

「Looking at it this close, it’s really big isn’t it……heave-ho」


The two of them pressed their breasts against my cock and started to move up and down.
Reimi-chan’s sticky beautiful breasts and Anri-chan’s huge breasts’ gap felt great.
They stroked my thing with their breast while their nipples traced the body of it, giving me a pleasant sensation.

「This……it’s good……」

「You haven’t seen everything~♪ Nn……*lick*……*suck*……*lick lick*……」

「Reimi-chan、next is my turn to suck it okay?」

They licked my meat stick, which stuck out from the gap between their breasts.
Reimi-chan’s fellatio was more towards tongue techniques, while Anri-chan’s fellatio was more about sucking passionately.

Being attacked from every direction, I reached my limits.

「Ah……it’s coming……!」

「Nn! *sluurp*! *slurp*! *suuuuuck*!!」

Like that, I ejaculated a massive amount inside Anri-chan’s mouth.

「Nmu! ……*slurp*……」

「Anri、I want some of that too」

They kissed each other and shared my semen to drink.

「*gulp*……How was that? You satisfied yet?」

Reimi-chan asked.
To be honest, if I was serious I could come more, but time was running out, so the meat stick between my legs lost its power and softened.

「Yeah……that’s right……it was satisfying」


Reimi-chan took her legs out from under my hip and sprawled on the bed using my arm as a pillow, I gently played with her nipple.
Anri-chan also lied down the same way on my other arm, then reluctantly stroked my soft penis.

「Somehow~、it feels like we just completed a challenging task~、you’re really amazing~♪」

「There’s still time left、so shall we stay like this and talk a little?」

「Right……is 「Setsugetsuka」 indeed the best shop in this place?」

「Let’s see~、this is not something I should say myself、but me and Anri are both top-class Deli-girl in this place you know~」
(TN: Deli → Delivery Health → a form of prostitution)

「Are other areas aso counted in that?」

「I don’t think so but……in Yukiyama village Delivery Health is the most popular thing」

「Hmm……then for an example、what’s the specialty of Hot Spring Village?」

「They do have brothels there、but their reputation is crumbling badly」

「In Hot Spring Village、rather than going to brothels、it’s perhaps better to go to Red Lines」
(TN: I did my research, the actual kanji for this “Red Line” is ちょんの間, which cannot be TL-ed into any OK-sounding English, and wikipedia-sensei said it’s originally called Red/Blue Line → just another form of prostitution)

「Red Lines huh ……」

Let’s look this up on the net when I come back.

「Then what about the First Village?」

「There’s no prostitution establishment there you know~」

「Ah、is that so?」

「But instead、when you go into the back alley、female hunters usually try to make some pocket money by being hookers」
(TN: Right… so these part-time prostitutes stand in the back alley and you hook them up on the way…)

「Stand-girls huh……are there any risks?」

「About the female hunters in First Village~、while earning pocket money they also look for a hunting partner。
That said、they’re really stingy about equipment and you can take advantage of that」

「I don’t know a lot but、if you’re a top ranking hunter then you can choose any partner you want」

「Hunting partners huh……」

There’s also that kind of treatment for  NPC? Tomorrow I gotta go ask the owner of Ayakidou。

「……for an example、what happens if a G-rank hunter goes there?」


Both of them stared at me.

「I said、it’s just an example」

「About that、I only heard rumours but~、if you’re G-rank the other party would have to dogeza and beg you for it you know~」


Up until now I’ve been avoiding meeting other hunters, but I should also go over there and check that out……。

「……what about Bijoorude?」

「Hn~……since I’m not too into this I only heard rumours but~、hunters gather there a lot、so there’s a lot of brothels you know~?」

「A、And、I also heard there’s strip show there」

「Strip show huhー……」

I might as well go there and take a look.

「Ah、time’s up」


Reimi-chan sat up and stretched.

「You、you’re strong so、next time go for a whole night。
I’ll squeeze your testicles dry by then, got that?」

「Yup、if next time Reimi-chan and Anri-chan are available I’ll go for a whole night」

「You do that♪」

The two of them casually put on their clothes, then drank the Great contraception drug.
It was free of charge, Anri-chan didn’t mind it, but I still paid for Anri-chan’s free urinating show anyway.

Then the two of them went outside and disappeared into the snow.

I slept on the bed for that night, then used the Blimp to return to Elna Village, I gathered my study materials and imagined myself operating the 3PS then returned to the real world.

After returning, I neatly put away my study materials, Reimi-chan and Anri-chan’s panties were still on my hand.

I tried sniffing it, Reimi-chan and Anri-chan’s smells of their pussies were there.
(TN: OMFG!!! Panties sniffer!!! Honto ni hentai desu ne!!!!)

Then I completely locked them up in my desk’s drawer, after confirming that time in the real world hasn’t passed, I went to sleep.

……that was a very long “one moment”……。

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