Delivery Health 「Setsugetsuka」 Part 4 ★ (Anal fuck)

First chapter on new site!!!


Reimi-chan asked me something while applying lotion to her anus.

「Have you ever done anal before?」

「No……this is my first time doing it in the ass」

「Then、let me be on top……lie down face up please」

As told, I lied down face up pointing my meat stick towards the ceiling.

Looking at my cock from the side, Anri-chan applied lotion to her anus while playing with her breasts and nipples.

「Okay I’m putting it in……Nn! Nnn!」

Reimi-chan straddled me on my hip and slowly swallowed my meat stick with her anus.


Sensing a strange feeling being inside the anus made me let out a weird voice.

The entrance was really narrow, but once I got inside, the soft meat was warm and gently stimulated me

「Nn ah……! It’s hard……! Nn! Nn!」

Reimi-chan slowly moved her hip up and down.

I felt a little stupid just lying there, so I decided to also move my hip.

(if I’m not mistaken……then it seems like when doing anal, it’s fine to make small movements)

Using the little bit of my knowledge, I rhythmically moved my hip in piston movements.

「Wait! It’s only just the beginning、but why! This is! S、So good……Nnn!!」

Since this is pretty interesting, I reached up from below and gently massaged both of her tanned-skin breasts

「No……! That’s、That’s too much……! If、if it continues like this……! I、I’ll cum from my ass!」

Reimi-chan’s breathing became rougher as her hip movements also turned stronger, I too, matched mine in rhythm with her movements.

「Aaaaa! Cumming! I’m cumming from my ass! I、I can’t take it anymore! Cummiiing!!!!」

Reimi-chan’s whole body trembled as she reached climax in her anus, the muscles inside tightened up greatly and squeezed my penis, I also ejaculated from that.

「Nn ah! Nnn! ……haa haa……le、let me rest a little……」

Reimi-chan shivered while pulling my cock out of her anus and just sprawled on the bed.
Of course, my penis was still standing piercing the heavens.
(TN: Hahaha… Pun’s gonna like this again)

「So that’s how it is……I generally got the way of doing anal……next is Anri-chan’s turn」

(TN: Readers, don’t read this in English… it’s “hi”… not “hi” LOL)

Anri-chan seemed to became a bit frightened of my matchless stamina.

I gently hugged Anri-chan from behind while she was on all fours, then slowly inserted in her anus from the back.

「H、Hard……It’s hard……ah、and hot……Aaa!」

It was the same for me.
Anri-chan’s entrance was obviously tight and narrow, but the insides were really hot.
But even if that’s the case, she had a lot more intestinal fluids than Reimi-chan, then also with the help of lotion, I started off with small movements and sometimes make deep strokes into her anus.

「Aa! Aahh! Amazin’……! Nnnn!!」

While making love by swinging my body pistoning into her back door, I hugged Anri-chan from behind, which she seemed to like it, and vigorously groped her breasts.

(TN: yep ahe-gao already…)

Beforelong Anri-chan also moved her ass vigorously, naturally that led to bigger thrusts deep into her.

「Aa! Cumming! I’m cumming! It’s coming out!! C、Cumming!!!!」

Making big noises the insides of her anus tightened, Anri-chan reached her climax.
I also thrust way deep into her and released a large amount of semen.

Anri-chan fell forward on to the bed, my penis showed itself, and once again towering like nothing happened.

「……Amazing……what to do now……」

「Haa……haa……Nee~、Reimi-chan、customer-san didn’t seem to be satisfied……wanna do that……?」

「……that’s the only way huh~……」


Reimi-chan answered my inquiry with a different question.

「You’re a hunter right? That you should have a Deodorization Stone right?」

Deodorization Stone is something used to fight away the stench of monsters, a restoration-type item.

「I do have it……but why?」

「Then、take it out、we’ll both use our boobs and mouth to do this」

「Eh? But my dick just went into your anus……?」

「That’s why we’re using the deodorization stone、just take it out」

I didn’t understand at all, but I took out the Deodorization Stone from my Item box and gave it to Reimi-chan.

「Alright……stay still for a while ‘kay?」

Saying so, Reimi-chan started rubbing the stone against my penis, which was dirtied with cum, intestinal fluids and lotion.
It wasn’t painful, but seeing smoke coming up from my crotch, it was rather a stupid-looking scene.

「Alright、the cock is all pretty again」

I looked at it and saw the lotion or other dirty stuff getting all removed, my cock became clean again.


So the deodorization stone can also be used like this, I learned something new.

「Then、come and set your hip here, and face up too」

With that being said, Reimi-chan and Anri-chan sat on seiza on the bed facing each other.

「We’ll satisfy you with W-paizuri tits fuck、let’s go♪」

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