Delivery Health seeking, to Snowy Mountain Village

This chapter made me laugh a bit too much… but enjoy!


In Dorahun Cross, the setting of the game is that, players are dispatched to various places as members of a research organization called the Dragon Institute.

That’s why I was prepared a house as a base in every village.
Since you can receive quests from any given village, to be honest, it’s just the matter of taste for a hunter to choose which village.

In Snowy Mountain Village, monster ranks were recorded in a software called 「Dragon Hunter Portable DOS」 and it became a common topic among the young generation of Dorahun players. Me, too, used to gather here with my friends in the past and made this place our base to receive various quests.

It feels good to be soaked in nostalgia here, but the purpose this time is Delivery Health.
I got information about the Delivery Health from a young villager that seemed to be interested in erotic things.
According to that, there’s an introduction agency in the village where everyone comes there to be introduced a shop, the girls will also be dispatched from there.

I was told to go to the outskirt of the village and entered a small building, there was a neatly dressed youth waiting inside.

「Welco……Oh、isn’t this hunter-san from the Dragon Institute。
Are you looking for a merchant shop?」

It’s my first time looking for a Delivery Health, so please tell me how things work」

「Understood、these are the basic plays for each shop」

According to the clerk, it seemed like the mat play was removed from Health Fashion.

「Then、according to the girls, there are the options for it to be possible or not、so please talk directly to the girls regarding that」

「Option huh……」 (TN: Option-shiki? Denpa kyoushi?)

Because I was somewhat interested, I asked the clerk in a half-jokingly way.

「Is sexual intercourse possible?」

「……every shop is the same、sexual intercourse is prohibited」

There seemed to be something hiding in his words, so I gave him 500 gold from my Hunter Card as tip.

「Get yourself a drink。
……I kinda wanna hear more stories~、just kidding」

「I am grateful……that’s right……every shop is the same in prohibiting having sex but、if you prepare the Great contraceptive drug、then directly negotiate with the girls、the shop wouldn’t interfere that、and you take no responsibility」

「So that’s how it is……」

Seems like if you want to have real sex, it’s your own business to go and negotiate with the girls.

「May I ask how much do you really have in your pocket? The shop introduction would also vary depends on that」

「You don’t have to worry about money。
Since I have enough money to go to Dragon Brothel many times already、just introduce me the best shop with cute girls and good service」

「If that’s the case then……as expected, 「Setsugetsuka」 it is。 (TN: This sounds way better than Beauty of four seasons… so I’ll keep it at Setsugetsuka)
Among the Deriheru of this village、it is the best、the girls are good、revisit rate is also high……in addition、「Setsugetsuka」’s play courses are also unique」

「Unique play? What kind?」

The clerk whispered into my ears word by word.
Only hearing those word made me very excited.

「All the girls in that shop would accept that?」

「Girls with NG are there、but most of them are OK-desu」
(TN: NG means saying ‘No Good’)

Hearing that I was about to ask about that shop when I suddenly recalled something about the experiences in sex I saw on the net, so I asked the clerk.

「That shop、is 3P possible?」

「3P is it? Yes、Setsugetsuka does offer 3P courses」

Today would be last play, so I’m in the mood of a going-all-out one.

「Well then、a Special-play 3P course is possible right?」

「Understood、how much time would you do? You can also pay for a whole night」

「Hmm……This is my first time here、so to try it out、I’ll go with 3 hours for now。
If it’s really satisfying then next time I’ll do a whole night」

「3P course、special play、3 hours、it would be 7000 gold is that okay?」

「That’s fine、no problem」

「You can pay 100 gold to specifically pick a girl、but since this your first time、can you tell me what kind of girls you prefer?」

「She should be cute、with good service、and if she even has good style then there’s no problem」

Thereupon, the clerk had a flattery expression on his face.

「……If customer-sama pay 1000 gold in addition、I can suggest you a girl to your preferences……」

Ahh, so that’s how it is, this shop wants to earn secret extra money huh…

「I’ll give you straight up 2000 gold。
Gimme the most kawaii girl, two of them」

「Thank you very much……I have received 2000 gold。
The other 7000 gold with Option-fees, please pay them directly to the girls」

「Can I change it if I don’t like it?」

「Yes、but、it would be 100 for every time you change your mind」

Then、I’ll wait at my house is that OK?」

「Yes、you can see the girls as soon as they finished their preparation」


After nervously waiting for 30 minutes at my house in Yukiyama Village, there was a knock on my door.

「Good evening~、I’m from Setsugetsuka~、may I come it~?」

「Ah、I’ll open the door now」

I said that while opening the door, two girls that look completely contrast to each other were standing there.

One had strong tanned skin with blond long hair like a real gal gal girl, she had a short skirt on together with clothes with a lot of exposure of her tanned skin which isn’t suitable for a village in a snow-covered mountain, she also had thigh-boot without stockings.

The other girl seemed a little timid with drooping eyes, she was wearing a thick coat, but her slender body and large breasts were still visible.

「Reimi desu、yoroshiku~」

The blond girl introduced herself.

「A……Ano……Anri desu……please take care of me」
(TN: Erm… Are you perhaps a cousin of Enri in Carne Village?)

Anri-chan said so while removing the hood, revealing her blue ponytail.

「Are the two of us OK~?」

The two of them were contrast to each other, but both were cute nonetheless.

「Yup、no change is needed」

「Th……Thank you very much」

I invited them into the house while asking the crucial thing.

「The two of you、Special-play is OK right?」

Reimi-chan laughed while answering.

「Ah、anal fuck? we’re both okay with that~」
(TN: Bloody hell!!! She literally said ANAL FUCK)

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