A Hunter’s physical abilities

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The next day.
I had gym class at school.

However, because the examination for 3rd year students was drawing near, the PE teacher gave out a lot of excessive exercises.

Today, the teacher took out a horizontal bar from the PE warehouse.

「People who can do a big swing will receive a plus point into your official grade」

The PE teacher inspired us with those words, the sports-minded student one by one challenged it but they could only hang there when they were supposed to be doing chin-ups.

「Senseー、this is impossible、it’s tooー」

Other students dropped the BOO!

「Hahaha、of course、there aren’t that many people who can do it like gymnasts on the TV。
Even in University tournament、most of the performance ended up with landing with suspension」

When I heard that, I wanted to test out my physical abilities.

「Sensei、I’ll go next」

「Fujisaki? Hahaha、fine、go ahead and try」

When I stood under the bar, as if inside a game, I made one step and jumped at the bar, then used that momentum to lift my upper body up in one go.

From the crowd, admirable voices could be heard rising.

(……seems good……)

「Sensei、if I can do a big swing I’ll get a plus into my grades right?」

I said so while supporting my body with my arms hanging on the bars, the PE teacher seemed to be confused.

「Fu、Fujisaki! Don’t! It’s dangerous!!」

「It’s fine……heii」 (TN: something like heave-ho)

I didn’t listen to him, but decided to put my focus into my arms and made a big swing, then stabilized myself above the bar. (TN: I think he did the two-hand stand right above the bar…)

The crowd exploded in cheers, but the PE teacher was unseemingly.

「Fu、Fujisaki、it’s dangerous so get down quickly!!」

「Yeーs、I’ll get down rick away……heii」

I took advantage of the recoil and threw myself from the bar, without rotating or twisting I landed on the mat, I did a landing pose like those pro gymnasts.

My classmate became extremely cheerful, I received a thunderous applaud.
The PE teacher walked up to me and grasped my shoulders.

「Fujisaki……! Yo……You……! why have you been hiding such physical abilities……! People like you、they can receive as many recommendations to sports universities as they want to……!」

「Naah、today my body just happened to be unexpectedly good。
Then、I get a plus to my grades right?」

The PE teacher startled and made an amusing face.

「I’m just kidding、sensei、my grades are fine as they are already」

After that, a classmate waved to me and asked asked me how did I do that, but I gave an evasive answer.

Judging from how I’m feeling my body right now, I seemed to be able to do more absurd things.
What the owner of Ayakidou said seems to be true.

Like this, even if I failed my tests, I would still be able to become a famous baseball player or soccer player, my life as a top-class sports player is possible.

In other words, my future life has nothing to be worried about.


Even if that is the case, I should still be studying for exams just in case.

For that reason I decided on a secret plan, I imagined myself bringing my study materials when I return to Dorahun again.

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