Pink Salon 「Aokinoko」 ★ (Pyuti-chan, Elenor-san)

So guys, this blog is only for this one WN, I’ll be TL-ing/writing my own original shits on another personal blog here.
After this project is done, I’ll do everything over there.

Again, this is the unedited version. The final polished version will be on Raising The Dead.

Though I have come to this shop once by playing the game, this is the first time I came in person.
That’s why I negotiated with the barker.
Regardless, there seemed to be 40 minute-course and 70 minute-petal rotation course.
(TN: I did my SERIOUS research and learned that Petal Rotation is a course where multiple girls came one by one in turn to your service. Now, where can I buy this game? I’m willing to go hunt some dragons right now…)
I did not hesitate to pick the petal rotation course and paid 1200 gold.

I was not given the Portrait Book of the girls in Aokinoko.
Apparently, at a Pink Salon, looking at the girls’ face before picking one isn’t possible.

I’m worried of stepping on a landmine, but that’s that.

I was guided by a clerk into a dim lit floor where the lights were held to minimum.
The sofas were lined up in 2 rows, customers could be seen enjoying their own plays.

The clerk guided me to one sofa and confirmed my order for drinks.
I ordered tea, the clerk left for a moment and came back to prepare a cup of tea on the small table before me.

「Then、please wait until the girl comes over」

The clerk said so and left. I took a sip of tea while stealing some side glances towards the neighboring sofas.

A girl burying her face into a middle-aged man’s crotch was moving her head up and down. A well done rhythm fellatio it seems.
The customer seemed to be enduring from ejaculating as he looked to the ceiling with flapping mouth grasps.

Though I knew that these kinds of things are to be expected at a Pink Salon, but seeing the other customers like this made my heart pound and the atmosphere turns dubious.

Meanwhile, a girl came up to my sofa.

「Welcome~、Pyuti de~su、please take care of me~」
(TN: I thought it was Beauty… but the first letter was P so I left it like that)

She wrapped her body in a red negligee-like dress, her hair were brown and her eyes looked happy. (TN: So on this one, her eyes are either flashy or gay, not homo gay, but gay that means happy…)
The girl wasn’t beautiful, she wasn’t ugly either. Average face with average figure, a normal girl it is.

When Pyuti-chan sat down on the sofa, the clerk brought her a drink and left.

「Customer-san、is this your first time here?」

「Ah……No、I came here once but I wasn’t able to enjoy the atmosphere……so I came back again this time」

「Was it also a petal rotation course?」

「No、it was just a single girl」

「Hm~m、who was that girl?」

「E~to……was it Papillion-chan?」

「Is that so~、Papillion-san is busy with a customer right now、so it’s impossible to call her I think? Hora、over there」
(TN: This one’s exactly like “Maa”, not in terms of meaning, but in terms of usage. English won’t have anything that can be on the same standard with this… I think)

When I looked to the inner corner of the place where Pyuti-chan pointed, Papillion-chan’s figure could be seen doing fellatio.

「Today Petal Rotation’s time for each girl is short~、so let’s begin okay?」

Pyuti-chan took off her panties and hung it at her ankle while taking off her shoulder strap to reveal her skin, then she clung to me and kissed me.

「*chuu*、*mchu*……Ufu♪、you can touch me you know~?」

I devoured her lips while rubbing the somewhat small chest, while my other hand slid into her secret place and played with her pussy.

「Ahn♪ Ufufu♪ Then、there’s not much time so、would you minding stripping your lower half?」

I did as told and pulled my pants down to my ankles exposing my towering penis.

「Ama~zing、it’s already hard~♪ then please excuse~me」

Saying so, Pyuti-chan sat down next to me and pushed me upper body back against the sofa, then buried her face into my crotch and inserted my meat stick into her mouth.

「Nn *drool*! *suck*! *drool*!」

Pyuti-chan’s intense fellatio created indecent sounds that resounded the place, she didn’t use her tongue too much, but tortured my thing with her lips.

(Fellatio like this is also really good huh……)

I sat as is, but Pyuti-chan seemed to be uncomfortable in this posture as she climbed on the sofa and continued the fellatio side-way. (TN: Editor-san… tasuketeeeee)

While giving me intense fellatio on all fours on the sofa, Pyuti-chan’s plump ass was swinging around.

「……your pussy、can I touch it?」

「Nn! *drool*! Un、that’s fine、*suck*!」

I reached my hands across her butt and gently stroked her pussy, sometimes Pyuti-chan’s lower back twitched a little but the intense fellatio never stopped.

Because in this posture, I couldn’t play with the pussy too much, at most gently stroking it, so I stopped and focused on Pyuti-chan’s fellatio.

「*drool*! *drool*! *shlurp*!」

This time I don’t need to hold it in, so I ejaculated to my heart’s content in Pyuti-chan’s mouth.

「Nmu! *slurp*……*gulp*……*gulp gulp*……」

Pyuti-chan gulped down all my semen, removed my penis from her mouth and smiled.

「My turn ended here~。Well then、the next girl will come shortly、just leave your clothes like that and wait okay~?」

Saying so, Pyuti-chan put her dress back on, sipped a drink and left.

I sat and waited with my lower half exposed and my penis still erect. This time, a Queen-like lady with long black hair and black negligee came up to me.

「Good evening、Elenor desu~……Ara、I heard that you just came、and yet it’s still good to go isn’t it?」

Saying so, Elenor-san sat down next to me, I finished the drink and reached out to embrace her, but my hand was slightly brushed away.

「Sorry… I dislike being touched……but instead、I’ll make you feel really good with my mouth……fellatio is my specialty」

That being said, Elenor-san knelt in front of me and began her fellatio immediately.


Only one thing can be said about this, Elenor-san’s fellatio was wonderful.
She sucks with her lips, makes good use of her tongue techniques, and twist it when it goes into her mouth, this is what they called “Tornado Fellatio”.


I got cornered in a blink of an eye and ejaculated lots in Elenor-san’s mouth.

「Nmu……*sluurp*……*gulp gulp*……*lick*……regardless of your appearance、you sure released a lot、I like that」

I don’t know about that, but it seems like I am being liked.

「Well then、the next girl will come soon……there should be enough time for the third girl」

The fellatio was indeed wonderful, but somehow, she’s a hard to understand person.

And then, the next girl came.

「Good evening、Rachel desu~、please treat me well okay?」

This time is a polite girl with pink hair and her style was idol-like.
Timewise, this girl would be the last, I’ll ejaculate to my heart’s content.

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