OK, to the red-light district Part 2 ★ (One kiss and 30 cm)

Kashima-chan smiled deviously and brought her face closer.

「Is this also your first kiss?」


「Ufufu……since we can’t kiss much during the play, we’ll fully do it now okay?」

Kashima-chan said so and held my neck then pressed her lips against me.

「Nn……Mchuu……*kiss*……*rero*……*reroo*……」 (TN: Tongue entwining sfx)

(Uoooooo!! So soooooooft!! She smells good!!)

I sat there and let Kashima-chan’s tongue do its work, then timidly use my tongue to entwine hers.

「*kiss*……Ufu♥ You can touch my chest you know? *Muchuu*……」

Because I got permission from Kashima-chan, I timidly rubbed her left breast through the uniform.

「Ahn♥ *kiss*……*kiss*……you can do it more intensely you know? *reroo*……」

Hearing so, I rubbed Kashima-chan’s breast more violently.


The excitement from kissing and rubbing her chest made my penis erect.

「Ufu……♥」 (TN: small chuckle)

Kashima-chan separated her face from mine.

「First of all……I’ll use my mouth okay?」

Saying so, Kashima-chan took off her uniform and unfastened her bra, only her panties and garter stocking were left.


Kashima-chan’s breasts were nice, she pressed her tiny pink nipples.
(TN: Actual sentence says they are “cherry blossom color”)

「Excuse me okay?」

Kashima-chan knelt down in front of me, who was sitting on the bed, and undid the lower part of my clothes.

「Huge♥ Besides、it looks really healthy doesn’t it?」

Kashima-chan poked my meat stick with a *chon*.


「Ufu♥」 (TN: chuckle)

Kashima-chan smiled and grasped my ‘son’ then covered my glans with her soft lips.

「Nn……*Muchuu*……*reroo*……*lick*……♥」 (TN: Yep, tongue sfx again)

(OOOOO!! T、This is fellatio!! A、Amazing!! Feels good!!)
(TN: This is spartaaaaa… ok I’m sorry)

Kashima-chan brought my meat stick deep into her mouth, her breath going up her throat hit my thing while her tongue entangled around it.

「Nn、*lick*、Nn、Nn、*suuck*……if you need to come、you can let it out anytime you know? *reroo*……」

Because of Kashima-chan’s intense fellatio on my first time, my limits were blown.

「A、Aaa! N、No good、It’s coming!!」

「Nnmu!! ……Nn……*gulp*……*gulp*……」

At my vigorous ejaculation, Kashima-chan was surprised but soon recovered and gulped down all of my semen.

「Whew……You let out so much♥ Was Kashima’s fellatio good?」

「It、It’s the best……」

Being released from Kashima-chan’s mouth、my son still stood towering.

「Maa~♥ Dear customer、It still looks very healthy♥ Then、I’ll clean it up for you before we continue」

「P、Please do……」


Inside the bathroom, I stood there letting Kashima-chan wash my body.
Kashima-chan took off her panties and stocking, the both of us is now naked.


Kashima-chan washed my anus and my ‘son’ particularly carefully while humming.
When my anus was traced with a finger, it felt strange and ticklish.

「Then、please excuse me a little okay? I’ll wash the inside♥」

Saying so, Kashima-chan put one finger into my anus.

「W、Wait! T、That’s……!」

「Please endure it~♥ because this is necessary」

Kashima-chan covered her finger with bubble and washed my ass.
It felt strange.

「There、this is good already♥ then let’s enter the hot bath~」

I felt like I lost something important as a man while entering the bath tub to wash away the bubble.
(TN: Not to sure about this)

Kashima-chan kissed my cheek many times whenever she had the chance.

「Then、before sex、would you please lie face-down on the bed? With Kashima’s speical service, I’ll send you straight to heaven♥」

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