Mysterious old man

School started at the beginning of the week……。

After the release of Dorahan, the atmosphere at school has clearly been split into two halves. (TN: Reminder, Dorahan is for short of Dragon Hunter Cross)

The first, is the group that spend time to study for exam.

The other group is the one that quietly raised the talk about Dorahan.

One would be dropped out from school’s ranking board if they don’t reach the grade of A, but I myself if study properly, it wouldn’t be a problem so I belong to the faction that play Dorahan.

Where have I got to in the game is the topic of every tea break now.

……by no means, people would believe I’ve experienced such thing in the game.

I paid little attention to the classes as I was only remembering about Kashima-chan’s body, I wished classes to come to and end quickly.

……I’ll go in there and have sex with that angel Kashima-chan once again……。

When the bell rang, I swiftly gathered my stuff and dashed out of the class in a hurry.

「I’m leaving first!!」


「? That guy、what’s with those legs、he’s fast isn’t he?」


As I was dashing home, my field of vision caught the figure of a familiar person, so I quickly crossed the pedestrian bridge and stood in front of him.

「O、Ojiisan!!」 (TN: Uncle-san)

「Oh、it’s you」

The mysterious old man that gave me the 3PS and Dorahan was sitting casually in his wheelchair.

「T……That game, what on earth is it!?

「Ho ho ho、making that face、means that you had fun didn’t you ?」

The old man laughed shaking his shoulder.

「That’s……um……That’s right……but、what on earth……?」

「Ma~、don’t be so hasty、can you push the wheelchair?
We’ll slowly talk along the way」


I went to behind him and pushed the wheelchair slowly.


「Those things、It’s a price to pay back the 『Sincerity』you have shown」

The old man said so while being shaken in the wheelchair.

「The price……for that……」

That’s too much for a return gift.

「You don’t like it? The thing shouldn’t harm you in anyway…」


Indeed、Dorahan was developed with no Game Over concept、and the protagonist dying is just all the more out of questions.
There’s only a rule called “Quest Fail” when you uses up all your strength 3 times.
It’s equal to ‘Death Penalty’ in other games.

「Because I handed you that game、you should be able to fully enjoy it」

「That’s……fine……but、what I did for you wasn’t that great, was it?
It was just an ordinary thing……um、honestly、I don’t know what’s so good about it……」
(TN: Not entirely sure on this one)

The old man shook his shoulder and laughed again.

「Your 『Sincerity』 is only a trigger……this is just something on a whim」

「On a whim……is it……?」

「You’re still a student、what do you think? You used to have the sense of stagnation right?」

「That’s, well……it would be a lie if I said there wasn’t any……」

「Because we live in such a stiff world、even if one has good eye for people、the punishment would still be there right?」
(TN: I give up on this one, not going to make it makes more sense…)


It was a strange logic that I didn’t understand at all.

「And you、you don’t really need to worry about such risk.
If you like it, you should enjoy it」

「To enjoy……as I like……」

「That’s right、yep、oh there we are、we have arrived.
Here、you’ll be able to hear more about your game、they are more knowledgeable than me」

There、a common antique shop was before my eyes.


The old  man disappeared along with his wheelchair all of a sudden again.

「Wha……What kind of person……is that old man……?」

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