Health Fashion 「Bubble Mix」

It’s so easy to make money in Dorahan、to the point that even if the monthly charge was plenty I’m still able to afford easily.
But、the one I want to play is Dragon Hunter Cross, not the online version.
Even if now I take care of the equipment and do women at the same time, gold is still plenty.

Then I referred to information on the internet and downloaded an Event Quest that’s good for beginner money raising, and decided to quickly do online battles.

As for this Event Quest, it’s collaboration quests with famous characters, but if the quest is cleared and the obtained materials get to my hands, the taste of doing quests won’t be there anymore. (TN: I have no idea what’s going on in this sentence, so many shortened terms in katakana)

If this quest is cleared、a material called Silver Eggs can be obtained、each of these sells for 10,000 gold.

I worked hard on this quest and obtained 300,000 gold as a make-shift fund.

I temporarily stopped playing there、finished studying、went to take a bath and fixed my appearance、then I went into the game to meet Kashima-chan.


「Eh? Kashima-chan isn’t available!?」

I talked to the barker of 「Dragon Brothel」and obtained a disappointing news.

「I’m sorry、dear customer……Kashima-chan has an appointment today……she’s very popular after all.
What would you do? Do you want another girl?」

「Hmm、please wait a moment、I’m thinking about this……」

According to the owner of Ayakido, time inside the game seems to flow all day long if I do questing from the world outside.
Naturally、this is space and time in an animated game、so I won’t age or become old.
That said、I should invest time in questing until Kashima-chan is available again……。

I went into the game with the intention to do a woman.
I don’t want any of these troublesome tasks, I just want to ejaculate.

That’s right、not only 「Dragon Brothel」 offers sex service.

In this case、 I should go experience other services.
If I’m not mistaken、this red-light district also has Fashion Health. (TN: Prostitution in the form of Massage Salon)

「I’ll go to a different shop.
When Kashima-chan is available I’ll come back OK?」

「Yes、we look forward to your patronage」


I talked to the barker of Health Fashion 「Bubble Mix」and decided a course.
Though the price seems to change depends on time、I chose the longest course of 150 minutes、and paid 2,500 gold.

The barker showed me the album、I decided to choose something different than Kashima-chan、Freya-chan caught my eyes、she has short hair and rather than a beauty, one would say she’s lovely. (TN: Also tried my best T-T…)

After the negotiation, I was led to the waiting room.

Everybody was also waiting、but a unique atmosphere seemed to be flowing.

A customer was called in、and before long it was finally my turn.

「Freya-san is ready for your service, this way please」

Urged by the clerk、I left the waiting room、there was a short orange haired girl、she stood there cheerfully with her eyes wide opened. (TN: Not sure if her eyes are just big or was she surprised)

「I’m Freya、best regards♪」

「B、Best regards……」

「Now、shall we go to the room?」

Freya-chan clung to my arm、we went up stairs and entered a room.

There were a simple bed and a sideboard inside the room、and then、there was also a mat made from sponge lying next to the bath tub.

「Now、I’ll take off your clothes okay~♪」


My armor and inner clothes were taken off by Freya-chan, I became naked.

「Please sit on the bed okay? ……wow」

Freya-chan let me sit on the bed and rolled up the towel around my hip to my waist, my fully erect penis stood up.

「Do you want a drink? Either tea or alcohol is okay」

「A……Then I’ll have some tea」

Freya-chan poured tea into a cup and put it on a table on the side of the bed.
Sipping the tea、I smelled a faint fragrance of herb.

「Wait a moment okay? I’ll take off my clothes」

Freya-chan took off her thin black negligee, removed her bra and sat down next to me.

Freya-chan breasts were larger than Kashima-chan, her nipples are beige color and her areola is slightly large.
Her style is good、her big breasts showed it.

「Hee~、you stared at my boobs too much, you perv♪」

Freya-chan said so openheartedly.
I should also be able to say something cool……。

「Ne~、is this your first time here? Why did you come here?」

I was troubled as of how to answer, but decided to speak honestly after all.

「My favorite girl in Dragon Brothel wasn’t available……I was somewhat hesitant to pick another girl and……I thought it’s also good to try out Health Fashion」 (TN: Again, Health Fashion is prostitution in form of Massage Salon)

「Hmm……Ne~、who’s that favorite girl of yours?」


「T……That girl reputation is good huh…
How was it to embrace her?」

「What do you mean……it was great」


Freya-chan seemed to be lost in thoughts、then suddenly turned to kiss me and poked her tongue in.

「Hnn!? ……*kiss*……*tongue rolling sfx*……」

I was surprised、but soon also entwined my tongue、then slightly rubbed her chest.

「*kiss*……*lick*……Ufu♪ Since you took the trouble to come here, I’ll give you a service Dragon Brothel doesn’t offer okay?」

「W、What kind of service?」

「Mat play♪」

Freya-chan said so and smiled sweetly.

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