Dive into the game

With the lower half of my body still naked, I dragged the manual of the 3PS console out again and looked at the back of it.
There, without doubt, the line 『About the way of doing things in the game』 was written, clearly not a dream.
Going inside the game……is just the dream of every single gamer.
For an instance, what if one were able to go into an eroge? What if it was possible to become a famous protagonist in RPG’s?That’s right, something like that.

「Press L button five times with the selection button also pressed.……」

This is something rarely seen being done in regular games.

「Just calm down……!」

Delicious food should be eaten right away without any hesitation.
I read the manual once again.

『When you want to return from inside the game, please do a similar operation with the controller that appears inside your head』

Not just going inside the game, but I can also freely enter and exit……?


I gulped down my saliva. (TN: Actual sentence is ‘I make a gulping sound in my throat’ but it sounds… meh… so I changed it a little)

(I’ll just try……I’ll just try to see whether it was a joke……if the situation turns dangerous I’ll jump back out right away……)

I cleaned the room, and just in case I put a note on my desk that people should call the police if I’m not back by next morning, then moved my character to a safe place in the village.

As I held the Selection button down with my trembling hand, carefully I pressed the L button once…. twice….. then five times.

The next moment, I blinked my eyes once and the view completely changed.


Though I was supposed to wear a house coat and should have been in my room, I somehow wore live stock farming-like clothes now and stood in the center of a quiet village surrounded by the meadows.

The smell of grass, the fragrance of cheese from the stall of cat rice in the center of the village, then all the coming and going people…. everything felt extremely real.

(T-t-t-t-this is reality!!)

I was impressed and amazed at the same time.

(I have really come into the world of Dragon Hunter Cross!!)


I was startled when someone called my character’s name… I turned to the caller.

「Y-Yes!? W-What is it!?」 (TN: Arc uses polite form of speed here)

The person was a receptionist lady in blue uniform with a hat, her hair was gathered up neatly but her face had a blank expression.

「Because you were standing in the middle of the village so I thought something happened……were you thinking about something?」

「N-No!I-It’s nothing!」

I was stunned by her beauty so I answered incoherently while being confused.

(S-So cute~~~!!) (TN: Kawaiiiiiii)

She held a file under one arm and she has this business atmosphere around her, genuine cuteness it is. (TN: Not to sure about this, I suspect the author had a tiny typo here but who am I to say, I might just be wrong)

「Arc-san、you’re a hunter of the village and one day is not long, shouldn’t you hurry and go to work?But if you want to receive a request just come see me anytime okay?」


I recalled as we talked.
As a hunter, I should go hunting……。

In Dorahan, when thinking about going to fight scary monsters, a chill was sent down my spine. (TN: Doragon Hanta Kurosu => Dragon Hunter Cross => Dorahan for short)

No, that’s right, this time I came into the game to experiment……。

「Erm……is the house allotted to me over there good?」

I pointed at an isolated simly-made house.

「Yes, it is. Or is there any insufficiency?」

「N-No……forget what I said……then I’ll be off……」

I left with those words and headed for my house.


「Welcome home, Master!」

The assistant cat girl welcomed me.
My house is the simple house where only a cooking stove, an item box and a bed are put. A window is open, so sunlight is lighting up the house.

I timidly peeked into the Item Box, a pitch dark space spread inside.

If I’m not mistaken, there should be weapons in here…… when I thought so, a list of things floated inside my head.

I cautiously operated the 3PS console in my mind selling off all weapons except for the Heavy gun and the sword. (TN: there’s a freaking heavy gun in this game ?)
Then I obtained an amount of gold!The message floating in my mind said so.
But there was nothing stated that cash was paid to me.

「Oi……where’s the gold?」

「Nya? Hunter-san’s money is saved in your Hunter Card, you would go shopping with your Hunter Card nya~」

So that’s how it is……we don’t carry the jingling bag of gold but use this system……。

「Master, are you alright nya? maybe you should go rest a little……」

「N-No, I’m alright, it’s just that I want to be lost in thought for a while, alone……」

「Nya……Is that so nya…」

I sat down on the bed, took a deep breath and imagined me operating the 3PS console by pressing L button five times while holding down Selection button.

Then the scene changed again as I blinked and I was sitting in my room in front of the screen with the controller in my hands.

「……I’m back……!」

I let out a sigh of relief and looked at the game screen.
There was my own self standing in the middle of that room.

When I selected the Item Box with the controller and looked inside, every other weapons except for the sword and the Heavy Gun were sold off giving me 4000 gold.

「……I really went into a game……」

Anyway, I’m able to freely enter and exit Dorahan. (TN: Again, Dorahan is the short version of Dragon Hunter Cross)
After this, I’ll go back into the game once more and pay 3000 gold for sex……。

I was thinking so when I suddenly realized.

I’m a virgin.

If I were to throw away my virginity, why not do it in the best sexual intercourse.

I operated the game and went around the Red-light district for further inspection.
Apparently, the best prostitute in the town was 20,000 gold for one night.

If I calculate this based on the earlier Pink Salon, 1 gold should equals 10 yen.

For one night to be 200,000 yen……the service must be extremely wonderful.

That’s right, I can go back and forth between the game world and reality freely.
I should do the hunting while using the controller from the real world. (TN: The actual sentence sounds gibberish in English so I rephrased it)
And then, go into the game for the red-light district!

I suddenly got fired up.

Then I kept playing Dorahan and went on doing quests with the heavy gun, and successfully saved up 30,000 gold.

Alright, it’s time to graduate from being a virgin !

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