I timidly opened the door of this 「Ayakido」place and entered the dusky shop.

「E、Excuse m—e……」

I tried as much as I can not to touch anything、the owner of the shop seems to be an old man in summer kimono、he had glasses on.

Yeah、a high school student isn’t suitable for an antique shop、but I have things I want to hear in this place.

「Um……regarding a game、I have something to ask……」

As soon as he heard that、the owner broke into a broad smile.

「Ah、you、you’re the one his highness came to a liking and handed a game」

「His highness?」

That old man、is he an important person?

「Ah no、let’s not talk about that.
You have something to ask right?」

The owner recommended a chair and brought out coffee.

「Um……that game、where did it come from?」


The owner tapped the table with his finger and thought about something.

「It’s something like 『Things you do not need to know』 like……for example、a car should be able to run even if I don’t know its structure、you can still drive it without knowing what’s inside the car right?
And about the game、it’s like a 『Things unnecessary to know』 thing」


Somehow、my intuition talked to me.
It says that this matter should not be dug into.

「By the way、that game……」


Because I actually played the game, I had something to ask that owner.

That game、aside from the normal contents、I could even go to the base of the online version of that game.
A few specific equipment in Bjolde can’t be used in Dorahan, and the Hunter Rank too, it isn’t shared between the offline and the online version.

In other words、only items such as a part of an equipment can be commonly possessed when there are two versions present at the same time.
(TN: I tried my utter best…)

「Nah、that’s when you do multiplayer, if you play solo then it’s possible to possess stuff from both version.
But as expected、playing it online makes the gender selection troublesome、that’s an inconvenience am I right?」

The store keeper said so casually.

An unbelievable story.

3PS isn’t the platform compatible for the Online version.
At the moment、3PS shouldn’t be able to handle the Online version of the game.

「The online version should be a monthly subscription……」

「Hmm? Would you like to know about the billing? Because I set it to charge with in-game gold so it should be fine.
I’ll teach you another way of doing it later」

「In-game gold charging!?」

I can’t believe it……if that’s possible、then even if its a huge amount it should also be OK.

「Ma~、the way of a serpent is tricky. (TN: 蛇の道は蛇ってね)
For now、it should be a secret to others、as it’s an irregular way okay?」

I can’t say anything about that.

If this is true, I’m having the privilege to play the expensive Dragon Hunter Online unlimited for free of charge.

It takes time to play Dorahan Online, but as long as I’m inside the game, I can play instantly.

If the storekeeper is telling the truth、for example when you fight a low-rank monster、even G-grade weapons can be used in the offline version.
(TN: それに店主の話が本当なら、ソロに限ってプレイすれば、例えば、下位のティーチャー・コックを1分も経たずに沈める事が出来るような化け物じみたG級武器を、ドラハンクロス側でも使える事になる。I give up)

I have a strange feeling that I’ve become a cheater.

「Then、I have one warning for you」


「Even though you may have dove into the game、but do note that reality and the game world are related matters that would interfere with each other」


「For an instance、you’ve already had the same physique of the hunter in the game」

「P、Please wait a moment、that’s stupid……」

「No、that’s the truth……if you would die in a collision with a truck, then a big scary monster with the same degree of damage would kill you while you’re inside the game」
(TN: This is another nerve racking one… I tried my best to phrase that)


「Did you not realize it? Your own ability has been reflected into the game」


That reminds me、I could ejaculate as many time in the game as in reality.

「Therefore、be careful OK?
Because right now you can kill a human with the same power of killing a small monster」


What I got out from the conversation in the end was how to do the monthly charging and some advice from the shop owner.

「I also deal with other games, so when you’re tired of Dorahan you can come again.
But that time, there will be a price as it is real business」

「You can also go into different games!?」

「Yup、but there’s also limit to it you know」

「No……I’ll ask about that later as I’m currently busy with Dorahan」

「Is that so?
Then、I hope you have a good hunter life」

「Thank you……」

Though I had a feeling I just became the member of an evil doers organization, I left Ayakido with a strange sensation and headed home.

Aside from the difficult things, tonight I’ll make sure to do women to my heart’s content……。

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