Game start ★

I, who was given a console and the game “Dragon Hunter Cross” by a mysterious old man, went straight back home to confirm the quality of the things.
Neither the package nor the contents were changed, everything seems genuine.

I took the 3PS console out and read the manual but there didn’t seem to be anything strange……was he just making a fool out of me?

When I thought ‘let’s try this out’ and closed the manual, something strange was written on the back of the booklet.

『About the way of doing things inside the game 』

「The way of doing things……inside the game?」

『When you want to go inside the game, please push L button five times with the selection button pushed. When you want to return, please do a similar operation with the controller that appears inside your head』 (TN: Not 100% sure about this one)

The hell……? Inside the game? To go inside? Such thing is impossible.
This might be a joke of the developers.

I charged the 3PS console and started initializing it while connecting it to wireless LAN, then I inserted “Dragon Hunter Cross” while being excited.

A heroic opening movie was shown and the logo of Dragon Hunter Cross was projected on the screen.

I already checked out the “How to play” guides on the official website.

There was something strange at the character creation part.

「What’s this……I can only choose a Male character……」

Dragon Hunter Cross is supposed to let players freely choose between male and female.
Is this a fake product after all?

「Tch……even though I intended to make a female character and have her wear erotic equipment……」

Anyway, since it can’t be helped, I’ll just make a male character and try to make him look good.
Character’s name… I just read an R18 web novel the other day so I’ll use that protagonist’s name “Arc”.

As the character creation ended, I proceeded to the main part being very excited.

The screen projected the scene of a farming Alpine village, as well as its field.

I greeted the chief and other inhabitants and was given a house. At first I thought it was fake, but it seems like the old man didn’t fool me, this really is the genuine product.

As for the beast people in the village… I came to say hi to the so called “cat roux” girls.
When I talked to the balloon cat that managed the village, it said something strange.

『Hunter-sama, from here, you can proceed to Saishono Village, Yukiyama Village, Hot Stream Village, and the Red-light district nya~』


I was dumbfounded and read the whole thing again twice.
In the Online PC Version of this game, this town is the starting base, that I understand. (TN: ビジョオルデというのは、ドラハンのPC版オンラインゲーム、「ドラゴンハンターオンライン」の拠点となる街だ、それはまだ分かる。)
But Red-light district……?
This is a game that you shouldn’t expect any eroticism, much less an absurd thing like this.
But the word “Red-light District” is clearly written on the screen.

「……let’s try going there……」

I asked the balloon cat for directions and moved my character towards the Red-light district.


Before my character, a street with rows of houses like in the Middle Ages with the dusky pink-like atmosphere opened.

The streets were suspicious, customer-pulling men were standing here and there everywhere.

I made up my mind and talked to one of them.

「Welcome! 3000 gold for one night of sex! How’s that onii-san!」

Then the line 「Gold is insufficient」 appeared on the screen.

「Come again another time! Onii-san!」

I only had 1000 gold the village chief gave me as a headstart, and when thinking about hunting business in the future, gold cannot be wasted too easily.

To my eyes that looked miserable, a pink billboard caught my attention.

『Pink Salon  Aokinoko』

A massage salon should be cheaper than real prostitutes……。
I talked to the man with manners and knowledge that I was superficial of.

「Each time! It’s 800 gold for 50 minutes! How’s that, onii-san!」

800 gold……If I sell weapon prepared beforehand in that earlier house I got I should be able to afford……。
I decided to sell off other weapons except for the sword and the heavy gun to raise money.
For the time being, I’ll enter the Pink Salon and confirm the adult aspect of this game……。

I chose the option 「Yes」 on the screen.


The POV suddenly changed to First person from Third person like in ADVs. (TN: Adult videos???)

「Mister, welcome~! Papillion-san, would you mind~!」

The clerk says so and guided my character to a seat.
When you look carefully, there were other visitors aside from me, and though it was dim and hard to see, they seemed to be kissing and tasting each other.

A refined beauty who had her black hair gathered up came to my seat soon.

「My name’s Papillion~, please take care of me today okay?」

Papillion-chan shows reactions even though my character didn’t return a word.

「Ufufu, you say such nice things……so I’ll give you a lot of service today okay♪」

Papillion-chan took off the shoulder part of her thin dress, showing her breasts and asked me to caress her.


I shouted in front of the screen like an animal. (TN: 俺は画面の前で叫んで、逸物をシゴいていた)

My character groped Papillion-chan’s breasts, her finger seemed to play with her secret place.

「Ahn♪ ……it’s time, please excuse me~」

Papillion-chan took off the lower half of my clothes.


The crotch of my character wasn’t censored! Not censored! Uncensored!?

「Large……Ufu、then let’s begin okay?」

Papillion-chan put my cock into her mouth, and intense fellatio started.

「Mm…….. Mm…….. *drool*… Mm….. this is amazing……*drool*……」 (TN: Alright, she’s talking with a dick in her mouth, the sentence wasn’t correct but I think it’s close)

I got excited and synchronized my “son” with my character.

「Nmu…… *drool* *re ro re ro*…… let it out…… is my mouth pleasant?」

Papillion-chan’s words became the coup de grace, I ejaculated simultaneously with the character and let the semen out on a tissue.

「Ahn! ……Ufufu、you let out so much……」

Then the POV returned to Third person again as my character stood in front of the shop.

「Please come back again, I’ll be waiting for you~♪」

Papillion-chan came outside from the interior of the shop and put a kiss on my character’s cheek.

I stood amazed in front of the screen with the lower half of my body exposed.

This kind of game software, unbelievable……。

Then that line written on the back of the manual, 『About the way of doing things inside the game 』, but if that’s true……?

If that is true…… this will be wonderful……!

My “son” was still standing there dripping drops of cum.

2 thoughts on “Game start ★

  1. Amazing indeed, can’t wait to see what’s next.
    So far, though there are some parts I find to be kinda rough, nothing hinders me to read the chapter with satisfaction. The quality of your translation is very good~
    Thanks for the chapter~!
    Best Regards!


    • you already commented on RTD so I assumed you already knew the version posted on RTD would be a bit more refined and polished correct? XD I’ll keep posting unedited chapters here for me to read ahead in case of NTR incoming @@!


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